a sentence
is born.
a story is created.
A story imprinted onto a sheet, lends it soul and character, a Page then comes alive.
At Page.ADabisc, that’s our job.
To create pages that tell your stories, your way, in your voice.

Here's a sheet of paper. What do you see?
The beginning of a novel? An invitation to doodle? A reminder of that report, B2B or digital publication you just haven’t got around to doing?

When we see a page we see endless possibilities, infinite potential. To craft. To create. Using words. Or pictures. Or both. We listen to you. Take what you can give us. Be it a thought, an idea or half a sentence. We work with it till, it turns out perfect. Then we place it on a page. For you.

That’s what we love doing.
And that’s our story!

Why work with Page?

  • First, we are ready to work with whatever you have. You might have an idea that you want to grow into a book, raw data you need to transform into a report, untold stories you want to tell the market through a variety of channels. Our team of content strategists, managers, editors, writers, translators and publishing specialists will work with you to get your message across to any audience. Our people work in Arabic and English with equal skill and have valuable local knowledge and market awareness.

    Secondly, we are not limited to just providing customised content for your website, mobile application, internal or external marketing, communication needs. We have six other in house business units at ADabisc covering branding, advertising, digital and interactive, public relations, events, video and photography all at our disposal.

  • We frequently draw from this in house expertise so that our content is made to order, for the medium it is published in. For instance, our team works with SEO specialists before we publish anything on the web. Any magazine we do for you will not see the light of day, until it has passed through the hands of an art director and the eagle eye of a creative director. It is these types of elements that you won’t find elsewhere, which ensures increased ROI when you work with us.

    Third, we simply love what we do! So we work harder, obsess more and refuse to let any piece of work go until we are absolutely certain that it’s ready to meet your goal.

  • At Page our job is to create pages that tell your stories, your way, in your voice.

Page is ready to work with whatever you have

– an idea, half a sentence or a challenging deadline.


  • Independent Publishing

    • General Interest Consumer Titles

      We develop general interest consumer titles including advertisement-driven models. Featured topics can range from content created for the entire community or special interest groups such as women, children, families, sports fans etc. Page’s own JustHere community news portal is an example of one of our projects.

    • B2B Publications

      Based on a sponsorship-advertisement model, these publications are targeted towards trade and commerce organizations.

    • Special Interest Subjects

      Focused on special topics or organizations, these publications showcase areas of interest.

  • Book Publishing

    • Independent Contracts
    • Guides/Information Booklets

      Guides or books that provide information about places, people on all kinds of subjects.

    • Print on Demand

      Books that will be published in tie-ups with independent authors, which will be royalty or commission-based. These will also include niche publications.

    • Coffee table books

      Books designed and published to highlight special features or events around Qatar

  • Content Syndication

    • Articles/Features

      Ready features from a publishing company that third-party users can readily use.

    • Photos

      A library of local images that can be accessed via subscription by third-party users. We offer bundles of photos to support features or stand-alone images useful for newspapers, magazines and other websites.

    • Videos

      Our library of local videos that includes raw footage, which could be accessed via subscription by third-party users.

  • Franchises

    • Regional Publications that are looking to expand into the Qatar market
    • Magazines, newspapers or similar publications
    • International titles that are looking at a regional presence
    • Customised publications based on popular brands or concepts in other mediums
  • Custom & Contract Publishing

    • Internal/External Communications Magazines
    • Events-related Publishings

      Publications that etch memories of your events so they can be remembered long after the event ends.

    • Official Newsletters

      Customized newsletters that tell your stories to internal and external audiences.

    • Digital Content Management

      Going one-step further than website development, we handle online content for companies or individuals.

    • Macro and micro-blogging as additional content service

      Creation and management of content and design for weblogs, based on brand requirements on a short-term or long-term basis using social media platforms or custom-designed platforms.

    • Annual Reports

      Annual or performance reports that are presented to stakeholders, potential investors or other interested parties.

Our Portfolio

  • justHere.qa - Community without borders!
  • Al Tawasul
  • Salam International
  • Salam Experience
  • Salam 60
  • Tennis Link

People rarely succeed unless

they have fun in what they are doing.

The page. Team

The content market is expanding fast. Cutting-edge marketers are discovering that strategically planned, well written content is a powerful source of influence. And that’s our specialty.

Page is the Publishing division at ADabisc. We work in Arabic and English and we are equally comfortable with both languages.

    Vani Saraswathi

    Vani Saraswathi is the Head of page. She began her 20-year career as a newspaper reporter in India. Vani has been in Qatar for nearly 15 years and has been responsible for several successful media start-ups. Her past achievements have included a significant contribution to the magazine sector in Qatar. She has an established track record in conceptualizing and executing the publication of various magazines with an in-depth knowledge of developments in Qatar – political, social, business and cultural. Her most recent launch is JustHere, a community news portal project at page.

    Vani Saraswathi

    Kisara Yatiyawela

    Kisara Yatiyawela is an Interactive Content Writer at page. She has a background in Copywriting, Scriptwriting and Content Management in the Advertising and Corporate Communication industry. She has over 15 years experience as a writer, with numerous international training in the communications field.

    Kisara Yatiyawela

    Cassey Oliveira

    Cassey Oliveira is a senior reporter for JustHere. She began her career in the field of media three years ago as a magazine journalist for Oryx Advertising Company, writing articles for most of its titles such as Qatar Today, Woman Today, GLAM, CAMPUS and T-Qatar. Her areas of interest include lifestyle, people and culture. She is currently scouting for news and other tidbits in the city for the action-packed news website JustHere.

    Cassey Oliveria

    Sukanya Seshadri

    CSukanya Seshadri is a reporter for JustHere. She previously worked as a Content Writer in ADabisc where she wrote content for everything from radio commercials and website content to press releases and content for marketing material and reports. Her writing experience also spans across her stint writing for her university newspaper and an online community blog with topics pertaining to the millennial generation.

    Sukanya Seshadri

    Ahmed Ismail

    Ahmed Ismail is the Sales and Marketing executive at page. He has over seven years of experience as a marketing professional in government and non-government, B2B and B2C sector in the Gulf region. He has been successful at building business ideas by identifying and selling prospects, developing, defining and maintaining relationships with clients. He started his career as a senior sales executive at the multinational directory, Yellowpages in Egypt before moving to Qatar, where he took the position of Business Development Manager at Sedeer Advertising for three years.

    Ahmed Ismael


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